Maile is free while in the Alpha development phase

Exceptional email delivery for all your transactional and marketing needs

Maile is a pay-once and own it email solution at a fraction of the cost of other SaaS offerings. Butter smooth install experience, runs on almost any machine and is blazing fast. Own your email!

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You are in charge. Buy the application once and self-host it on your own hardware. No dependency.

No depdendencies

Maile is a self contained application and does not need any dependencies to run. Just run ./maile start and you are ready to send emails.

Unlimited everything

Unlimited emails, unlimited subscribers, unlimited lists, you name it. You pay once and then focus on your business.


Powerful REST API that you can use to integrate into your own application, be it for transactional emails or marketing campaigns. You are in control.


Maile takes care of upgrading for you, once a new update is available Maile will automatically self update and restart and let you enjoy the latest features without a hassle. Like a SaaS but better!

Auto SSL Certificates

Continuing the no dependencies claim, maile does not need a webserver/proxy in front and can take care of the SSL certs for you as well.

Crazy fast

Maile is very fast, blazing fast you can even say.

Pay once and its yours

No more recurring payments each month, just pay once and enjoy it.

Maile is free while in development!

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Download the latest development version